Apart from planning and realizing of new coating systems that are tailored to suit your individual

requirements, we also offer used systems that we can modify, if required.


In addition, we created a compact E-Coat painting line system, which features high quality and

a favorable price, but nevertheless complies with industrial standards:


Our “People‘s E-Coat” system – much E-Coat for little money!

(the E-coat line for everybody)

NEW! – Information on our "e-coat-2-go"- paintline coming up soon.

• Standardized, very cost-efficient

• Low cost price

• 4 versions for short, medium and long pre-treatment processes

• Simple structure, construction kit principle

• Compact and clearly arranged

• Little maintenance effort

• Large workpiece dimensions

• Easy to extend

• High-quality parts and workmanship

• Short delivery and installation time


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